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Sunday, December 9, 2012

...wrapping up the week...

The week is over.

Here is the overview.

Justin came through the surgery great.  It has been the aftermath that has been more difficult.  The pain is intense, but he is strong and keeping his head up.  (When he is able to stay awake!!)  He had a couple of small set backs due to medication issues, but has made incredible progress in the past two days.  He has grown 3 inches and is now the tallest in his family currently beating his dad out by 1/2 inch!  He went in to the hospital at 6 foot 1/2 inch and is now 6 foot 3 1/2 inches!  ( I wonder if he is the tallest kiddo at Children's right now??)  He has been walking short distances and is tolerating sitting in a chair!  Today he got to eat.  And watch football.  And I have evidence!!  :)

Apparently the hospital TV was small, so Dave brought him in a bigger TV to watch.  These boys LOVE them some football!!!  I love this pic.  It makes my heart so happy!!!
Kaitlyn came through her surgery great as well!  She had work done on both hands and one of her feet.  She did end up having to have pins put in one of her hands, but she too has been handling it great!  Apparently it is pretty amazing what a wee one can do with two thumbs!  She had 3 matching purple casts, and is as cute as can be.  :)  I have evidence of that as well!!!

She was still pretty groggy in this pic.  On her way home from the hospital.  Love her!!
My big girl ROCKED IT OUT at her Christmas program.  She was so unbelievably proud of herself, and my heart was BEAMING!!!  She would look over and smile at us, and you could see the pride in her smile.  It was killer in the BEST WAY!!!  And yep, I have evidence!!!

I know, the eyes are a little creepy, but honestly, have NO IDEA how to fix that!
Something that I did not know was happening this week until after I had posted last week about the weeks happenings was that one of my best friends dad's was having a kidney removed on Thursday.  They had found out a couple of weeks ago that he had a cancerous tumor in one of his kidneys.  Apparently, kidney cancer is often a silent killer due to it spreading quickly and quietly.  Thanking God that they caught it early and they feel that it was contained! He still has a lot of grandpa-ing to do!!!

I have almost finished up a project that I have been working on since Thanksgiving.  Between blogging, reading, parenting, working, wife-ing, etc., I have not been working as quickly on projects as I would like.  But, I am almost done.  This was an ETSY inspired project.  I wish I had a pic with the price tag, because I swear when I looked at it, it was being sold for $149.

Here is my $20ish version.  Notice I said I am not done yet.  I am still waiting for my ho ho ho's to dry. :)

The picture is blurry, and I am thinking my belt isn't wide enough.  But, we will see when it is all finished.
I also started crocheting today.  One of my best friends recently began crocheting and I decided that I would give it another try.  The first time I tried, my Granny tried to teach me.  I gave up.  Today, I tried again and told my mom that I must be working through Granny's hands because it seemed to be pretty simple.  I have a long way to go on this scarf, but I find it both fun and relaxing.  :)

I am hoping it will look pretty amazing with the beautiful new coat my hubs bought me!
The stressful week has NOT been good for my diet.  UGH!!!  Who starts a diet this time of year anyway?  If I could just find the time to work out more.  It will come.  Or not.  Perhaps I will just learn to be happy with a tubby middle!

And now it is time to get ready for this week... I hope it is a good one!

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