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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

...unexpected events, oh my...

So, I was sitting in the bakery drive thru this morning and decided I was going to write a post today entitled ...thank you, dear... Obviously, this is NOT that post.

Because, my events of the day have changed, and here I am sitting in the ER and thinking about the unexpected events of today.

Unexpected event #1: Justin got to come home today!!! We weren't expecting it until tomorrow, but I got a text @ 645 this morning saying that they all got to go home today! Which is awesome. Recovering in your own home always feels better than recovering in the hospital!

Unexpected event #2: I had a "girl" issue today that resulted in me calling the gynecologist. Remember the dream last week? Well, he asked if I was possibly pregnant. Ummmm, nope, my tubes are tied and that's not possible. His reply was, well, not impossible, so, you should take a test just in case. HUH? And call me if it gets worse. Ummm, OK? As of now, haven't taken the test because...

Unexpected event #3: I was sitting in a meeting, got a call from my husband that my brother-in-law had cut off his finger off, and he was heading to help Julie with Justin. And Jeff was alone at a hospital. A hospital. Not which hospital. A hospital. Ummmm?? So, thankfully Julie called and told me where he was. And off I went! Apparently Jeff has not had his fill of hospitals for the last 8 days! And here we sit, waiting for the hand surgeon.

I have to say, I feel bad for the person who is in surgery before him because their surgery has now gone on for 2 hours longer than it was supposed to.

So, that's my "oh my" day. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Oh, and if you are at all concerned, without taking a test I can say with 99% certainty that I am not pregnant! Cause that would be freaking ridiculous!!!

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  1. You are a keeper. All of you are, it is amazing how great you all pulled together. I am proud of all three of you girls! The boys are pretty good too! Now tell me about this test!