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Saturday, December 1, 2012's going to be a rough one...

This week...

Although I am not directly affected by the events that this week will bring, I am emotionally vested in the people that will be directly affected by the events that this week will bring.

Monday:  My nephew Justin will be going in to Children's hospital for his final consultation for Wednesday's surgery.  My cousin Wendee will be traveling to St. Louis for Kaitlyn's reconstructive surgery.

Tuesday:  Justin will be at Children's to get his port for the surgery.  Kaitlyn will be having the first of two reconstructive surgeries on her hands and feet at Shriner's.  Kaitlyn was born with additional digits and webbing on her hands and feet.

Wednesday:   Justin's surgery.  Justin is having a spinal fusion.  He has pretty severe scoliosis that is concomitant with Friedreich's Ataxia.  Due to his growth cells still being open, it is necessary for his spine to be fused to protect the rest of his body.

Thursday:   Eliza's Birthday.  Two years ago my friends David and Brooke delivered a beautiful, sleeping baby.  They have since welcomed a beautiful, smart and spunky Caroline in to this world, but my heart hurts knowing what this anniversary brings to them.

Friday:  Taya's Christmas program.  We have yet to be successful with Taya participating.  This year we are in a smaller and familiar venue, so I am hoping this year goes better.  As a mama, this hurts my heart immensely.  To see your daughter so badly want to participate in something, then be so unbelievably scared that she cannot, and watch her friends perform and cry because she wants to, then ask afterwards if she can have another chance.  Ugh!  (OK, so this one DOES directly affect me in a way!!)

I am hoping for a pretty uneventful and heart happy Saturday and Sunday!  My heart is gonna need it!!!

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