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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

...some Christmas break randomness...

I've got lots of little thoughts in my mind here and there but mostly nothing that is worthy of a post all of it's own, so I thought I'd throw it all together...

***T and I made a surprise trip to the American Girl doll store today.  I had repeatedly told her that there were none in the area, (lie) and she believed me ('cause mom would never lie).  But, today turned out to work for just the two of us to go, and the look on her face when she woke up in front of the store was priceless.  It was super busy but not overwhelmingly so.  It's just a good thing we weren't taking Caroline to the hair salon, because there was a 2 hour wait for that.  So instead, I asked the checkout lady how a mom was supposed to comb that mess of hair.  The tip, NEVER comb it dry.  OOPS!  I do see myself as a Caroline hairdresser in the future...which makes me wonder.  Do the AG hairstylist have to have special training?

***Before we went on break I was feeling great.  All of those around me were not, and I said a little prayer that if I could just make it to break without getting sick...let's just say that next time I say that little prayer, I might ask for the sickness to just skip me, 'cause what I have stinks.  :(  I almost think I prefer the 24 hour puking sick to the week long achy, horrible cold symptoms, sore throat, hurting ears, burning lips, headache, burning chest type of illness. Boo!

***My girls are and always have been very inquisitive.  The older they get though, the harder it gets as a mom.  Like, I feel like I need to be studying the dictionary, encyclopedia, wikipedia, something to be prepared for the questions.  Some aren't hard, but when you try to explain them, it is sometimes difficult to put in words to make them understand.  From the car, I heard this..."I have to poop."  "You can't say poop in public,"  "Mom, what's public?"  See, public is a common word, and although I did a pretty good job explaining it, it took some thinking on my part.  If I don't have a great answer, such as to this, "Mom, why does a water tower do?" I will defer to Dave or the internet.

***I really want to do a "Chronicles" of Oliver post.  But, it seems like so much work.  It would require me to get 32ish pictures from my phone to my computer and uploaded...which seems like a lot of work.  But, my plan is to print this blog into a book from time to time, so at sometime it will have to get done.  Just maybe not tonight!

***The hubs is currently in the closet.  :)  I mean, he is currently putting my new Elfa system in my closet.  A couple of months ago I decided that I could no longer live with the bedroom entry in to the closet, and it must be a bathroom entry closet.  So, between my dad, Dave and my nephew, we gained room in both the bedroom and closet by moving the door.  Win, Win!  We just had to wait for the Elfa sale and soon, I will have a beautifully organized closet!

***I am contemplating a post that would expose a lot more than I have exposed thus far.  How do you decide if you are going to put it all out there or not?  I am not a very private person, and the people who read this either don't know me at all and if they don't like me will just stop reading, OR, they are people in my life who already know pretty much everything about me.  Decisions, decisions...

***For Christmas, I got something that I have wanted for years and years!  A Willow Tree Manger.  It is new, big and beautiful.  And I plan to leave it out all year long!

That's about it for my random thoughts.

:)  I hope that every one had a great Christmas!  As for me, I am looking forward to another 7 days off!!!

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  1. Yay!! You got your manger! And? I'm DYING to know what the put-it-all-out-there post is about.