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Thursday, January 31, 2013

...January, gone in a flash...

Its the last day of January...

I don't know why, but time seems to fly by these days.

And although it seemed like a short month, overall it it wasn't half bad.

*  I have successfully remained "candy" free for the last 31 days!  Despite having my children ask by putting candy IN MY FACE if I want any... or my co-worker who thinks it's funny to put candy ON MY COMPUTER...I have remained candy free.  I have allowed myself to have some dark chocolate covered almonds (purely for the health benefit!!) but have even switched those to the cocoa covered ones.  I can't say that it has done anything for my tummy though because I seem to have picked up a new love for other sweet things...

* I got a little behind on my goal to exercise at least 3 hours a week because I was pretty sick for an entire week...but I am catching up.

* I went to the dentist and got a great check-up, but found out that in my "older" age, my teeth are starting to shift a bit.  Which sucks, because I have never had braces and have pretty straight teeth.  So, I will be doing a 3 tray invisalign this summer and will wear a retainer to prevent further movement.

* I just finished reading a book where there was an underlying theme of co-dependancy between a mother and daughter.  As the girl got older, she learned to resent her mom for always allowing the daughter to "need" her.  I'll be honest... it made me feel a little tight-chested as I thought about my future with Taya.  The girl is NEEDY... and I give in.  She is my baby.   I did say CO-dependance though, so I'm not innocent.  I need her tight hugs and snuggles as much as she does.  And I don't mind carrying her even though she is getting too old to be carried because she gives me that "weight" that I need.  It drives Dave nuts.  And I try to say no, but she is such good sensory for me.   I will just have to say extra prayers that she will never turn against me.

* I have officially given up the nails.  And  I tried the Jamberry shields on my nails.  Which was a fail.  So... I think I will just stick with a weekly polish with a good top coat.  (*** My toe shields are still going strong though***)

* Work is crazy-ass busy...but rewarding at the same time.

* I am continuing to be amazed at the great little writer and artist Merrick has turned in to.  Yesterday I walked in to her school and saw this writing, and it took my breath away!

* Speaking of Miss M, she had her 7 year well-visit and is healthy as can be.  She has come a long way since her 15 month Cystic Fibrosis test!!  She is right under the 50th percentile for both height and weight which is a shock to me since I feel like she is SO BIG!!!

* For Merrick's birthday, I survived a sleep over with 3 over her friends.  I say survived, but actually, it was pretty fun!

* Taya had another little "heart hurting" episode this month where she very clearly described her heart knocking at her from the inside.  The pediatrician has 100% faith in the Cardiologist's read and says we have no worries.  Oh, OK??  :)  (Just in case you need to know... apparently an abnormal EKG is normal!)  But seriously, he is one of the best pediatric cardiologists in the area and obviously knows more than I do.

* I have finally decided to tackle this horrible face skin problem that I doing less.  And it may be working.  I am an over-corrector, so I am trying to sit back and use the most gentle things on my face that I can to avoid flare-ups.  I am also trying a new mineral foundation... it is paraben free, gluten free, mineral oil free, talc free and fragrance free.  And so far I like it.  I'm not all crunchy like some of my friends, but I find myself leaning that way more and more, with both my face and some of my foods.

* My crocheting has slowed down a bit, and my sewing has picked up a bit. The sewing frustrates the heck out of me, but so does the price of American Girl doll clothes...

* I have kind of stolen an idea from one of my friends who has decided to take a picture every day of the year and scrapbook it at the end.  I have decided to take one month at a time and start staying on top of my digital scrapbooks by using a collection of pictures from each month (not daily!) and do one for each year.  I may also start doing a monthly re-cap on here to add in as well!!

So, that's about it... January, you were gone in a flash!!

Friday, January 25, 2013


You know how it goes when you are totally taken by surprise by overwhelming emotions...

It happened today.

I mean, I had thought about it.  I had thought through it.  And I really hadn't had any inclination that it was going to hit me.  But it did.  And it hurt.  And it threw me in to a mess.

And this was it...

That little tan coat contains my baby girl!

My baby girl was going on a field trip.  On a real bus.  Without seat belts.  On the Interstate.  Without her mama to protect her.

OH MY GOSH!  What the heck happened to that baby that I have?  It. Is. Not. Possible. that my baby is big enough for this to happen.

The moment it hit me was when I was taking her picture at school, and getting ready to leave.  And that panic moment took over, and a lump formed in my throat, and I wasn't sure how the heck I was going to make it through the day.

...the moment...
(At that point it didn't really matter that Dave was going to follow the bus or accompany her on the field  trip and take pictures and all that, it only mattered that my baby was getting on that big 'ole bus and drive ON THE INTERSTATE for like f-o-r-t-y miles!!!)

Knowing that I was going to be the only one in the office, and knowing that I really couldn't bare to be alone with my crazy mom thoughts, I packed up everything I would need for the day and headed to my place of comfort.  The place where I knew that people would love me and accept me despite my crazy...because I was heading back to the place where my peeps are...the elementary school that I was based out of for the last 2 years.

But on the way there, I did what any other insane mom in a panic would do... I stopped by the local Target and bought some new office supplies to organize a project that I had been working on...because I was pretty sure at that time, I was in DESPERATE need of an office supply fix, and that may be the only thing that was going to take my mind off of the bus that would be passing by at any minute...

(Oh, and I did text G to tell her that I was in need of some sensory via a big, tight hug.)

And truth be told...I was insanely jealous of my husband.  Who got to be with her.  On her first field trip.  While I worked.

But...she had a great time.  He had a great time.  And I am so happy for both of them.

And not only did I survive the day, but I ended up having a good day.

And now, I can't wait for us to go as a family.


Sunday, January 13, 2013 Jamberry a whirl...

So, I decided that I would put my Jamberry samples to the test on my toes.

First of all, feet = gross.  Jodi feet = not pretty.  So, you can see why I need a little something extra special as to make them look a little better.  And, yes, I realize that my toes are oddly shaped.  Like, who else's middle toe is the longest?  Dave, he has perfectly shaped feet.  Why oh why does God give girls ugly feet and boys pretty feet?  (Thanks Mom and Dad!)  Sadly enough, that is one of the genes that I hoped they would inherit from him.  So far, so good.  I think that they have pretty little feet!

So, first, I gathered the supplies...

Sample Jamberry sheet, directions, nail files, cuticle pusher, small scissors, rice sock (home made) , alcohol wipes,  polish for my big toe, and water (cause this may be intense!)

And away I went.

Step One:  Cut them

Buff nails, clean with alcohol and apply
Apply, heat, secure with cuticle tool, cut, file, heat, remove creases

And, I'm done.

My thoughts:  there is a learning curve, I'm not yet sold, and they look better from a distance than up close.  I will post in a week and see where I am with these toes.  The positive is that there was only dry time for my big toes, and the patterns are cute, even for samples!  I think that I will do fine with my left hand, but may need to enlist the help of the hubs for my right.  But, that won't happen for a couple of more weeks.



I texted with Angela about a couple of things I may have done wrong... So I decided to take my leftovers and try some statement nails on Miss M.  The true test will be if the shields hold up on a 7 year old!!!

I tried a method of warming them first, and that helped a lot.  Also, they have revamped the formula and the application is supposed to be quicker and easier... so we will see when I get my order in the mail!


Saturday, January 12, 2013, work, work...

I think this week at work was the most intense week thus far in my new position...which has caused me to realize a couple of things...

1.  "being in a district position means that you represent the district. every. where. you. go."  This was initially a hard thing for me to swallow, as I have always felt that my job is only one part of my life.  But after really thinking about it, yes, my job IS only part of me.  But, my job allows me to do and pay for so many things in life that it truly is a part of who I am.  all. the. time.   And I NEED my job. So, I got on my blog and sent back to draft 9 out of the 36 posts that I had written.  It's funny that I actually googled myself to see if my blog would show up, and I don't go sharing my blog with everyone I work with, but in the case that someone would happen upon it, I would never really want anything in my personal life to be held against me, I did some angry editing.  Because, what if?  Right?

2.  Working out of 4 different buildings that are separate from my office and Central Office requires some SERIOUS amount of organizing that I am not used to.  I have probably tried 3 different "systems" this year, and still don't have it right.  So, after a little anxiety, a little asking around, a little research on the internet, and a little stealing from my daughter... I have downloaded a couple of new apps on Taya's Kindle Fire and bought a new (and stylin') stylus...I am very hopeful that I can now have a better organization tool.  I was originally going to steal the family iPad, but I honestly find the size and handling of the Fire to be much better for me.  The iPad is in a super-bulky super safe case, and the Fire just happens to be in a cute little teal leather bound case that I can throw in my bag (which happens to be super cool too, but slightly slender).  And one of the apps that I downloaded will allow me to handwrite notes (like on a notepad) which will save in PDF format and can be emailed to me.  So, I am hoping to not lug around tons of notebooks any more.  The other app is for my google calendar, (that is way cooler than the google calendar app on my phone) and I am hoping I can force myself to go to a paperless calendar.  (Although, I have been trying that for years.)  Now, let's just see how good Taya is at sharing... :)

3.  I have had nails for almost 3 years with only a very small hiatus of time that I didn't have them on.  The thing is, I really want my nails to look nice and professional all of the time.  But, I am really struggling to find the time to get them done, and it takes forever, and I keep breaking them, which adds frustration... UGH!  So, my co-worker happens to be selling a new type of nail solution, which I am going to give a try.  They are called Jamberry Nail Shields, and they take some time to put on, but they stay on fingers for 2 weeks and toes for up to 6.  And the best part is that I can do my nails in my own time.  So, I am going to try to go "naked" on my nails... Here's hoping!  It also happens to be a much cheaper option overall, so it's a win,win!

4.  2 day weekends definitely do not seem to be enough time to re-coop!!!

How long until summer?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 it up...

I am not one to keep resolutions.  I have a horrible will power.  HORRIBLE!  So this year, I am going to work on some exercising of the will.  And so is Dave.  And so is Taya.  Thus, we are making resolutions, and I am going to post them loud and proud on the fridge.  I just need to find some cute way to do it or Dave will throw them away!  :)

ME:  I am afraid to put this in print, but, I am giving up candy.  For an entire year.  And I love candy.  Especially swedish fish, sour patch kids, milk duds, and lots of chocolate covered things.  Ugh.  I have decided to give up candy because I can't find a way to shake the tummy fat.  I can make a million excuses, (the best being that I had a c-section and that is just IMPOSSIBLE to recover from tummy-wise), but the reality is, I just eat too much crap.  So, adios candy.  I hope that I don't miss you at all and won't be binging on you in 2014!  Also, I am resolving to exercise at least 3 hours per week.  I know, that doesn't sound like much.  But, in all honesty, ALL I have to do is walk down the stairs to the basement, and watch my shows while working out.  But, I don't as much as I should. So, I am going to make a chart for the entire year and also display it on the fridge.  I am hoping that my reward for the year will be a flatter tummy and healthier body.  Here's hoping anyway!!!

DAVE:  Has decided to give up alcohol.  For an entire year.  Which doesn't seem like a big deal right now, as he isn't much of a drinker.  But golf season will be trying.  Because what goes better with golfing than beer, right???  And also, he is going to work on his abs.  I guess we are both vowing to have a healthier 2013!

TAYA:  This is not her decision, but ours for her.  After a New Year's Eve trip to the pediatrician for an eczema covered bottom, we are giving up the night-time pull-ups, which means giving up her night-time milk.  The two are not at all related, but seems like a pretty good excuse to go to bed bare-bottomed.  This will be a struggle for all of us because T is known  to be a bear.  Especially when she doesn't get what she wants.  But, all habits can be broken, and she is growing up.  Too fast.  :(

As for Merrick...she could give up things like yelling for us to do things for her, but, overall, she's pretty well-rounded and doesn't need a lot of improvement.

So that's about it.  I hope that 2013 brings a lot of health and happiness our way, and yours as well!