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Saturday, January 12, 2013, work, work...

I think this week at work was the most intense week thus far in my new position...which has caused me to realize a couple of things...

1.  "being in a district position means that you represent the district. every. where. you. go."  This was initially a hard thing for me to swallow, as I have always felt that my job is only one part of my life.  But after really thinking about it, yes, my job IS only part of me.  But, my job allows me to do and pay for so many things in life that it truly is a part of who I am.  all. the. time.   And I NEED my job. So, I got on my blog and sent back to draft 9 out of the 36 posts that I had written.  It's funny that I actually googled myself to see if my blog would show up, and I don't go sharing my blog with everyone I work with, but in the case that someone would happen upon it, I would never really want anything in my personal life to be held against me, I did some angry editing.  Because, what if?  Right?

2.  Working out of 4 different buildings that are separate from my office and Central Office requires some SERIOUS amount of organizing that I am not used to.  I have probably tried 3 different "systems" this year, and still don't have it right.  So, after a little anxiety, a little asking around, a little research on the internet, and a little stealing from my daughter... I have downloaded a couple of new apps on Taya's Kindle Fire and bought a new (and stylin') stylus...I am very hopeful that I can now have a better organization tool.  I was originally going to steal the family iPad, but I honestly find the size and handling of the Fire to be much better for me.  The iPad is in a super-bulky super safe case, and the Fire just happens to be in a cute little teal leather bound case that I can throw in my bag (which happens to be super cool too, but slightly slender).  And one of the apps that I downloaded will allow me to handwrite notes (like on a notepad) which will save in PDF format and can be emailed to me.  So, I am hoping to not lug around tons of notebooks any more.  The other app is for my google calendar, (that is way cooler than the google calendar app on my phone) and I am hoping I can force myself to go to a paperless calendar.  (Although, I have been trying that for years.)  Now, let's just see how good Taya is at sharing... :)

3.  I have had nails for almost 3 years with only a very small hiatus of time that I didn't have them on.  The thing is, I really want my nails to look nice and professional all of the time.  But, I am really struggling to find the time to get them done, and it takes forever, and I keep breaking them, which adds frustration... UGH!  So, my co-worker happens to be selling a new type of nail solution, which I am going to give a try.  They are called Jamberry Nail Shields, and they take some time to put on, but they stay on fingers for 2 weeks and toes for up to 6.  And the best part is that I can do my nails in my own time.  So, I am going to try to go "naked" on my nails... Here's hoping!  It also happens to be a much cheaper option overall, so it's a win,win!

4.  2 day weekends definitely do not seem to be enough time to re-coop!!!

How long until summer?


  1. I want an update on Jamberry Nail Shields--I've never heard of them.

    The job issues you mentioned are the very reason D won't even have a FB page. Even though I tease him and say that he spends all day sitting in his office playing on FB.

  2. Several people at my job have found my blog and started reading it. I don't think that I've said anything bad, and you can't find it if you Google my name, but I still feel I have to be very careful about what I write. And I hate that.

  3. Tell me if you like those shields. Because I'd actually have cute nails if they lasted two weeks.