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Sunday, January 13, 2013 Jamberry a whirl...

So, I decided that I would put my Jamberry samples to the test on my toes.

First of all, feet = gross.  Jodi feet = not pretty.  So, you can see why I need a little something extra special as to make them look a little better.  And, yes, I realize that my toes are oddly shaped.  Like, who else's middle toe is the longest?  Dave, he has perfectly shaped feet.  Why oh why does God give girls ugly feet and boys pretty feet?  (Thanks Mom and Dad!)  Sadly enough, that is one of the genes that I hoped they would inherit from him.  So far, so good.  I think that they have pretty little feet!

So, first, I gathered the supplies...

Sample Jamberry sheet, directions, nail files, cuticle pusher, small scissors, rice sock (home made) , alcohol wipes,  polish for my big toe, and water (cause this may be intense!)

And away I went.

Step One:  Cut them

Buff nails, clean with alcohol and apply
Apply, heat, secure with cuticle tool, cut, file, heat, remove creases

And, I'm done.

My thoughts:  there is a learning curve, I'm not yet sold, and they look better from a distance than up close.  I will post in a week and see where I am with these toes.  The positive is that there was only dry time for my big toes, and the patterns are cute, even for samples!  I think that I will do fine with my left hand, but may need to enlist the help of the hubs for my right.  But, that won't happen for a couple of more weeks.



I texted with Angela about a couple of things I may have done wrong... So I decided to take my leftovers and try some statement nails on Miss M.  The true test will be if the shields hold up on a 7 year old!!!

I tried a method of warming them first, and that helped a lot.  Also, they have revamped the formula and the application is supposed to be quicker and easier... so we will see when I get my order in the mail!



  1. I have something similar I need to try. I'm a little bit scared.

  2. Hmm. Looks interesting. I'm not sold either. But I'm also still interested. ;)