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Sunday, November 24, 2013 things...

like things.  I really like getting good deals on things.  And, I love samples.  

So, I thought I'd share some of the recent things that have given me gleeful moments:

1. Birchbox:  For 10 bucks a month, you get a fun little box of samples.  Dave thinks it's a horrible waste 
of money.  I say it's a fun and cheap way to try new things.  And who doesn't get excited by a mystery box??

My favorite was the liquid eyeliner and perfume sample!!

2.  Sevenly:  I recently was introduced to this awesome organization that sells different shirts and such every week and $7 from each purchase goes to that week's organization/cause of choice.  I hopped on the week that they were supporting anti-bullying campaigns.  So, I bought an awesome shirt, supported a great cause, and may have a new little "habit" of justifying purchases for the betterment of others.  Check it out!

3. Great deals at like these $29 scarves for $9 (scarf9 through 11/25) and this cute $48 shrug for $16 (molly16).  I may have bought only 1 scarf and gone back for 3 more, cause hey, who doesn't need 4 of the same scarf in different colors?!?!?!

4. Fisher Kids:  So, Dave and I both suck (well, really just me but sometimes it's cool to drag your spouse down with you...) at teaching our kids about basic finances.  So I came across this awesome little system that we are praying works.  

They also have a ton of other fun stuff, but this is the item that drew me in hook, line and sinker.  And I love that each Sunday is payday and they get a choice of how much to save, spend and give.  Bring on 2014 and teaching the Owens girls the value of a dollar!

Yay for fun things!!!!


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  1. I wanna do Birchbox. But B would totally agree with Dave.