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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dinner for two...(and a whole lot more!!)

Yesterday, when I picked up M from school, she was very sad.  A very sad day usually means a stop at the local Dollar Tree, because lets face it, kids are much more happy with "you can pick any two things you want" as opposed to "nope, we are NOT buying a $50 robot just to make you feel better."  (and our town just happens to have THE BEST Dollar Tree I have ever been to)  However, yesterday, we made a stop at a different "dollar" store, because M was in need of "new" and "exactly the same" markers that she had been using at after care when I picked her up and she just NEEDED to finish her picture that she was coloring because otherwise it might be the "worst day ever" in her 6 year old mind.  So, off we went.  And when one child has a very bad day, it results in buying something for the other child to avoid a whole other issue.  That other thing was a porcelain tea set that cost a whomping $5.00.

So, when the girls got home, they quickly got to work.  I helped Taya wash the tea set, and she and Merrick set up a table.  I wasn't really paying attention at that point because I was going through other things, and chatting with one of my besties about her day care issues, and then Dave got home, turned on the Cardinals game, and we just went about life.

Before too long, I was being told that it was time for our date.  Huh?  I was escorted to a small rocking chair, and asked to sit down.  I forced my bottom in to the chair (yes, I fit, barely) and was then told, "maybe you should sit on the other chair, Dad's bottom is smaller than yours."  REALLY?  I just squeezed my mom hips in to this chair!!!  So, I moved, to the stool and Dave was told that he should sit in the rocking chair.  So, he started to squat, realized that his Dad butt wasn't gonna fit either, made a comment that "your mom already blew out the sides on this chair" and claimed he needed a different chair.  (Well, at least my ass FIT in the chair!!)  And this is where we were:

We were told that there would be entertainment.  Apparently Katy Perry was in the house, although to me, she much more resembled Baby's sister from Dirty Dancing, especially when she started dancing...

It's a little blurry, but you get the picture...

Katy got through her song, while Merrick (the entertainment director) stood in the background and got on to Dave for watching the Cardinals game instead of the performer... which looked like this...

And then it was time for Taylor Swift.  However, approximately 30 seconds after the start of her song, THIS happened...

And the show pretty much was stopped, not due to choice.  Poor Merrick did NOT understand why the Wild Card game and the controversial call was more important to her dad at that moment, and had a little bit of a melt down.  Only, this wasn't a tantruming melt down, it was a "silent cry, start putting everything away because I am pretty sure that this means that no one in this family loves me" type of meltdown.  But, I appeared to be the only one that noticed as Dave's face was glued to the TV screen.

So, that was that.  A very bad, horrible, no good day....turned a little better...then crushed again.  Ugh.

But, that's pretty much the story of my life.  I have given birth to TWO drama queens.  I wonder where they get that from???

The thought of a dinner for two with live entertainment was pretty exciting...maybe another day!


  1. Seriously, I'd LOVE to have a penis for a day so I could tune out the stuff that doesn't interest me. Wouldn't it be awesome, except not?

  2. That menu sounds delicious! Hard to compete with that game, though.