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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

...confessions of a 37 year old mom...

...the truth is, sometimes I feel like my kids got a bad draw when it came to getting me as a mom.

...the truth is, sometimes I think my kids are pretty damn lucky that they got me as a mom.

...the truth is that I believe with all my heart that being a mom and wife is absolutely the hardest thing in the world.

...the truth is, I suck at routines. And my kids suffer because of it.

...the truth is, my car is such a horrible and disgusting mess that merely getting in it takes my mood down a notch or two every day.

...the truth is, I long to be a neat freak and often wonder if I can somehow get that gene implanted.

...the truth is, for 4 or so days out of the month I feel like I have no control over my emotions or temper and I hate it.

...the truth is that I worry on a daily basis that something will happen to one of my girls or Dave.

...the truth is that I worry on a daily basis that something will happen to me and my kids will grow up without a mother, or with a mother that could never love them like I do.

...the truth is, I never feel good enough.

...the truth is, I often wonder if I have taken the correct professional road in my life.

...the truth is, I know I could be a better wife, friend, and mom, but sometimes it just seems exhausting.

...the truth is, I have got it pretty good compared to others...and I need to let things go...


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I feel like every one of these things apply to me and my life as well. But know that you are MORE than good enough and you are very loved!

  2. The truth is that I found myself nodding at every single one of these. I feel the exact.same.way. Love you.