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Friday, February 8, 2013

...the ring... missing.

My ringless hand
Next month marks our 9th wedding anniversary.  It also marks approximately 9 years that my husband has been without his wedding ring.  It's not that he is opposed to wearing it, but for work reasons, he only wore it when he went out.  And then he lost weight and the ring was too big.  So, I can't even tell you the last time I have seen him with his ring on.  It now has a permanent spot on my thumb.  Because someone should be wearing the platinum band, right?

To be completely honest, this has never really bothered me.  I don't think that Dave or I need a ring to serve as a reminder of the covenants that were made to each other.  What does sometimes bother me, however, is that I am sometimes self-conscious when we go out as a family and he isn't wearing a ring (might other people think that we are an unmarried couple?) especially since my ring doesn't scream wedding ring.  (When we were married, we went with a simple wide band with the diamond that was different than the band on my engagement ring.  Essentially, we traded one band in for another, and there is not a "wedding band" that accompanies like most other ladies out there have.)

Over the years, we have actually contemplated getting rings tattooed on, but ultimately have decided against that.  So I just keep ignoring the fact that he appears to be "single" to the general population.  But, sometimes, that is tough too.  It's not just about us going out together and appearing to be an unmarried couple...but, ahem, I would say my husband is more attractive than the "average Joe" and I may perhaps have a jealous streak.  Therefore, sometimes when he is not with me, I really wish that he wouldn't be ringless.

So, with our 10 year anniversary coming up in just over a year, I have again started hinting that I would like to have an anniversary band.  But, I also want to go on a trip.  Decisions, decisions!!

Last night Dave mentioned that he was going to go into the city and would be by the Shane Co and asked if I wanted to have my ring cleaned and buffed.  (UHHH, YEAH!  I swear I haven't had that done in 7 years!!)  I told him that he should also take his in to be cleaned.

And then, later last night, we got in a tiff.  :(

So, this morning, I proceeded to leave him a note that said I was sorry for being a "b" and I hoped he had a great day.  Oh, and, although I love wearing his ring, if he would like to have it sized so that he could pretend to be married, that would be cool with me.  :)

Later today he texted to tell me that I had gotten paid an extra stipend on my paycheck, and I jokingly told him to take the $190 and buy himself a cheap wedding ring.

But the coolest thing happened... HE DID!  And not just a ring that he wears when we go out, but a ring that he can wear all of the time.  Which makes me so happy.

AND THEN... he sent me a picture of my ring, with a diamond band attached.  WHAT??  It's only our 9th anniversary!  

So, I am super excited to say that I too am ringless...but only until Sunday, when I get my "refurbished" (cleaned and buffed) ring back that is sautered to my new diamond band.  And the next time you see us out together in public, there should be no question whether we are married or not!! (oh, and I guess there's that thing about him not appearing to be single either!)



  1. I still only wear my engagement ring, because at the time we got married, we didn't have the money for a wedding band. Now we've been married nearly 12 years, and I still get people commenting about my engagement ring, asking when I'm getting married. Rings are sometimes just nice to prevent awkward conversations.

  2. Timely! I had to relinquish my wedding band this weekend, it was is such bad repair that I had to be sent out for a MONTH to repair it! Now I am wearing just my engagement ring and I feel a bit naked.

    Please post pics of your new ring set!