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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

...please God let them remember...

...that I love them and their daddy more than anything in this entire world.
...that I snuggle them daily and that they will always have a Mama lap and Mama arms to find comfort in.
...that nighttime is so important, and that every possible day I tuck them in and stay with them until they are sleeping.
...that there is nothing too big that we can't tackle together.
...that everything they say, do, or make is important.
...that their Mama wants them to grow up and be best friends.
...that I never want to spend a minute in my life without them in it.
...that no matter what, I will choose our family of four every single time.
...that they have made me who I am.
...that they have the most beautiful souls.
...that my Mama love is unconditional.
...that I kiss and love on them every day that I physically can.
...that they are so, so important.
...that God loves them.
...that their daddy loves them.
...that they were the greatest gifts that I have ever received.

And then help them forget all of the times that I disappointed them, or scared them, or hurt them.  Help them to not remember the Mama fail moments that creep back into my heart and soul.  


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