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Thursday, January 2, 2014

…my little secret...

I have this little thing that may not seem like much to anyone else, but it is a BIG deal to me.  Because, I love a good deal.  And by good deal, I mean, I like to get awesome things for dirt cheap…or better yet, FREE!!

I have a little secret that I keep from my friends.  (Except one, because there is no competition there as her kids are a lot younger than mine.)  There is this little hole in the wall resale shop in my town that the girls and I stumbled upon one day a couple of years ago.  And 3-4 times a year, we go in and shop for clothes for them.  But the thing with this particular little shop is that there is a consigner there that dresses her kids in name brand clothes…and her kids must be a couple of years older than mine, because we ALWAYS find a load of name brand, great condition clothes for dirt cheap.

I am by no means a clothes snob.  And, I don't want my kids to think that if they like something from Wal-Mart they can't have it, just because it's from Wal-Mart.  BUT, when I buy from a re-sale shop, I tend to be pretty particular.  (Probably because the clothes from Gap and Limited, Too tend to hold up a little better?)  And lets be honest, sometimes you COULD end up paying more for used clothes at the resale shop than it may have originally cost elsewhere if it was clearanced out.  But the clothes we find are awesome.  And even if the kids only wear it a couple of times, it was totally worth the $1-3 that I paid for it!

We had a snow day today and the girls convinced me to head to the store.  So we did, and for $44, we scored the following:  2 snow suits (1 brand new), 2 robes, a super cute Gap hoodie (hoody?), a super cute Gap sweater vest with a hood, and Old Navy puffer vest, and a pair of Nike Shox in great condition.  Score!!

But, I also have another secret.  I literally pay nothing for brand new clothes for my kids.  And, I get a lot of my work clothes for free too.

Several years ago, I opened a Gap Card.  We literally put everything but our bills on our credit card  every month and pay it off.  In return, we get anywhere from $50-$150 a month in Rewards that we can spend at Old Navy or Gap.  I happen to love the length of the tall dress pants from Gap, and there are plenty of cute kids clothes between the two stores to choose from, so it is a definite Win-Win!

Today, I decided I needed some new work-out clothes.  I scored a 40% off active wear sale and for $13 and free shipping got the following:  3 work-out tanks, 3 work-out bottoms for myself, a pair of yoga pants for T, two pairs of yoga pants for M, 2 pairs of jeans for T, and one pair of jeans for M.  AND, I still have reward $ left!  HOLLA!!!

Bargain shopping, indeed!!!


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