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Saturday, June 1, 2013

...goooooooooo team!!!

Today is the third day of my "summer break."  I am going to say that is a pretty loose term based on the amount of meetings and training I have to attend, the email that I have to check daily, and the fires that still need to be put out in the summer.  Nonetheless, reporting to work every single day is not required.  Which is awesome.  Because the Owens girls like to sleep in.

With summer though brings the stress joy of being with my girls...24/7.  I am excited.  I also realize that being home with the girls in the summer also brings about it's own...experiences.  But, this is the first year that I really feel like I am spending the summer with my "kids."  Not my kid and her very clingy and very needy little sister, who also happens to be my daughter. But, my 2 friends.  My 2 big and mostly self-sufficient children.  Those girls that have grown up so much that I don't have to worry about every single little thing because we can all actually go with the flow.

Yes, we are still working on some things.  (the need to drink chocolate milk and pull mommy's hair, needing something "special" every time we go to the store, needing to be held even though we start Kindergarten in 2 and a half short months)  But, we are taking on the mantra that we are a team.  We even put our hands together and yell "gooooooooo team!" randomly throughout the day to remind each other (mostly Taya) that we all have to work together this summer to get things done.

Our "team" feeding the goats!
I am a pretty lucky girl to have such a team.  And I am also pretty excited to see what this "summer" has to bring.


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  1. I'm stealing the "goooooo team" thing. Stat.