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Sunday, April 28, 2013's been a while...

There's been a whole lot of nothing going on around here...

Well, at least nothing that I had the time or energy to write about.

But, today I find a whole lot of randomness running around in my head, so here I am...

Last night we went on a double date with my mother-in-law and her significant other.  We went to a little Thai restaurant in the city (apparently non-spicy Thai food is STILL spicy enough to give me some serious heartburn!) and then headed to the FABULOUS Fox to see Million Dollar Quartet.  Which...was...AH-MAZING!!!!!!  OMG.  I seriously loved it.  So much, that I ordered tickets for my parents today for early Mothers/Fathers day gifts because they have to see it.  I will also say that if I was growing up back in the day, I may have had a serious crush on Johnny Cash.  Just sayin'.  He is way more my style than Elvis.

Also, I love me some Jamey Johnson and was soooo close to buying tickets for this coming Friday night.  But, we have a super early and busy Saturday so it doesn't work out with timing.  Which sucks.  Maybe another day.  :(

I have completely lost my patience with my children today.  So much that I may have just poured myself a glass of 4 Hands Pyrus Saison just to help myself cope.  ( I also just typed that I poored myself a drink, and had to go back and correct that.  Nice.)

I completely sort of understand how/why people get divorced over money/building a house.  It is stressful.  And we are only remodeling a bathroom.  In no way do I think that it is OK, and it no way do I really have any problems with my husband, it is just the mere stress of doing so.  Timing, money, coordinating, money, building, money, money, decisions that cost money, and did I mention money?  It is unreal the price of things that are awesome and cool, and you don't want to do this again, so you don't want to settle, but geez.  Who can afford some of this stuff?  We looked at a bathtub that was the entire $8000 budget for the entire bathroom!  And then once you decide on something like an amazing little red free standing tub that is only barely out of our price range, you have to decide on faucets, which are also crazily expensive!!!  We had finally settled on some amazing black faucets, added them to our online cart, and were notified that we would be waiting 6-8 weeks.  WHAAATTT?????  It seriously took us forever just to decide on them.  So, we settled in this area.  We still got cool faucets, but they are just plain silver.  Which is boring.  But won't hold us up for 2 months.

Last night I spilled beer in my car.  Which is horrible.  Because it smells like stale beer in my car, which also mimics the smell of beer puke.  Awesome.

I have been sucking horribly at one of my New Year's Resolutions.  I was off to a great start with working out, have been struggling for the last 6-8 weeks, and am now considering the possibility of a personal trainer, who also happens to be my pastor, which are not at all related, he just happens to be good at what he does and reasonably priced.  I really need to find someone who can help me tackle this post-c-section tummy that I continue to struggle with.  I have been watching "Splash" and really have a great desire to look like Brandi Chastain in the tummy region.  Yeah, I know it's never gonna happen, but if I could get rid of at least a little of the huge spare tire hanging around my mid-section, it would be awesome.    I really miss the days of breastfeeding when I ate whatever the heck I wanted, and never worked out and was the skinniest I have been in my adult life.

Work is crazy, mad busy.  Hard to believe that in 4 weeks I will have survived my first year of juggling 5 buildings.  There are days when I wonder what the heck I have gotten myself in to, days when I think I have the best job ever, and days when I daydream about new careers.  But, who doesn't???

Also in 4 weeks, I will officially have a Kindergartner and a 2nd grader.  HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???

I am looking forward to summer, but terrified all at the same time.  These girls are 24/7 needy children that can wear a mama out.  But at the same time, they are SO MUCH FUN!!!  I have a long list of ToDos for us (in my head).  I am considering planning the entire summer out day by day.  I just wonder if I will stick to it?

I have really missed blogging.  But, haven't.  I think I need it though.  It's therapeutic and helps me escape.  Which is awesome.  It just takes time, that I don't have.

That's it for my rambling.  I could keep going and going and going, but I have laundry calling my name.  :(



  1. OK, this makes me excited to see the show at the Fox. It was all David's idea and I was just along for the ride, but I'm glad you gave it a rave review.

    A red bathtub sounds awesome! No one will even notice the faucet if the bathtub is RED.

  2. I am scared and excited for summer too. We will definitely have to have lots of playdates. Some of which MUST be at your house so that I can die of jealousy over your red tub.