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Sunday, March 24, 2013

...we've gone bird-s**t crazy...

*** I started this a while back, but never finished it.  In honor of this late March blizzard that we are in the midst of,  I thought I'd finish it***

I know, the real saying is bat-s**t crazy, but for real, we have gone all bird crazy up in this house!

I guess it started a couple of months ago when the weather really started getting colder.  We were probably bored and decided that the birds needed food, so we would do a little fun activity of using toilet paper rolls, peanut butter and sunflower bird seed to make some bird feeders.  It was fun and we liked seeing the birds come around.

Our first 3 "homemade" bird feeders in addition to our real feeders.
The birds went through them pretty quickly, so we made a couple more each time, until eventually we ended up with 9 "homemade" toilet paper/paper towel roll, peanut butter and seed feeders.  Although, those take a long I went to Pinterest, got some ideas, went to the local Dollar Tree and we made some more fun feeders.

And here are some of my favorite pics... (although their quality is not great due to taking pictures through a tinted window).

before the snow came

we thought this was a lot of birds at the time...

messy eaters

one of our mama cardinals

a bird variety

these are the "creepers"

just pretty

they love this $1 feeder!

Cardinal in our Wheaping Willow

Not a bird, but pretty fantastic!

and this was today... 03/24/13...
It's our second day of "Spring" break...what happened to the Spring???

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  1. It's funny to see all those birds out in the snow. Aren't they supposed to fly south??