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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

...oh crappy day...

I really wish I knew how to add those little music signs, because in my head I am singing it...

It truly has been a crappy 24+ hours.  And by crappy, I mean, comparative to MY normal life.  Not at all to be compared to what anyone else is going through.

It started last night... we had been been tending to a screw in the tire of our truck for about a week.  A little air here and there and we have been good to go.  My vehicle has been in the shop for a week and a half because we had to have a timing chip (or something) fixed and they didn't have the part and we chose to just leave it there rather than continue to drive it.  So, rather than just taking the time to fix the tire, we were successfully bandaging it.

I had picked up M from school yesterday, and she was crying because she missed her mama.  So...big crocodile tears and a guilty heart led us to Wal-Mart to grab some Legos.  (They already understand "retail therapy!")  We were driving home and it began to blizzard.  I mean, like a white-out type of blizzard.  A crazy-wind type of blizzard.  And, the neighbors trashcan was getting ready to blow away in to the field.  So, being the good samaritans that we are, we fought the blizzard to throw the trash can in the back of the truck and delivered it to the neighbors.  :)

And drove home...and heard a loud hissing noise...and the tire light came on...and thank goodness that we had made it home.  No blow out or flat tire on the road... which was AWESOME!!!  The hubs would change it when he got home.

So, in the blizzardish conditions, Dave proceeded to change the tire.  But, oh.... it was not happening because the spare wouldn't release from the wheel well, and... remember, our other vehicle is in the shop?  Ugh.  So, after a few phone calls, we decided to borrow the neighbors truck.  Crisis averted.

And then, we checked the mail.  And our internet and DirecTV went up by $70 a month.  UGH again. It was just a crabby night.  Not a big deal.  We had a plan for the morning and were good to go.

So, this morning I packed the girls up in the truck, headed to school, got to the end of the road, tried to take it out of 4 wheel drive, and nope.  With all of the upper body strength I had, it wasn't budging.  So, I called Dave, drove a little further, tried again, started panicking, and the anxiety settled in.  Merrick was going to be late to school... (yes, reason to panic, but that's another story!), I was going to be late to work, and I was stuck in a strange vehicle that I could not get out of fast enough.  ( I also may have screamed at my husband as though it was his fault...)

Dave came, picked up Merrick and took her to school and T and I went home.  Where we snuggled and read books (while Dave got the tire fixed).  Which was pretty awesome actually.  My tension released and all was good with the world.  I scrolled through FB, saw that my problems were minimal compared to others,  (we are healthy, have a home, great little lives) and made my own post...

When Dave had changed the tire, I went to work, got settled in.  And it got bad.  Really Bad.  My work computer, with all of my files that I never back up because my computer won't crash, crashed.  Like, everything that I have worked on and done for the entire school year.  Gone.  As in, not recoverable.  And even the tech guy felt bad for me.  But, it was no one's fault but my own... I mean, who does that?  Who doesn't back up their computer?  Who doesn't use a jump drive?  Me!  I don't.  Why?  Because I like to see it all sitting there on my desk top.  Because I feel like I have accomplished something.  And not just something.  Really good stuff.  But I regrouped, remembered that there are so many worse things, and was actually complimented for how well I was handling it.  :)

And then, I picked up the taxes from the accountant.  And all of the cash that we were counting on to gut the bathrooms and rebuild them to awesomeness.... yeah, not only did we not get it, but... we owed the exact same amount of money that we were hoping to get back.  UMMMMMM...... WHAT????  Yeah, we own a business.  Apparently, the business made too much of a profit and we have to pay.  UGH!!!

But still, we have jobs, we can afford to pay the taxes and still gut the bathrooms, so in the grand scheme of things... not the worst.

At least we didn't get any devastating phone calls about loved ones or friends.  At least our house is still standing.  At least we have love.  At least we were able to have children.  At least we have jobs.  At least we can afford to pay for things we need.  At least we are not battling addiction.  At least we got home safely.  And on, and on, and on.

Oh crappy day...thanks for the reminder of how good we really have it.


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  1. Yes, it can always be worse. But it's still okay to sometimes say, "Today sucks." Because sometimes today DOES suck, no matter how much worse it could be.

    I'm sorry all that stuff happened. I hope today is better.